Unit21 Overview

Unit21 is an anti-money laundering (AML) and Fraud system that runs securely in your browser.

Unit21 provides:

  • Transaction Monitoring - create rules to find fraudulent transactions
  • Case Management - investigate potential offenders and suspicious transactions
  • Report Filing and Actionable Webhooks - report offenders to the authorities or ban them

How it Works

1. Send Data to Unit21

Your organization sends data to Unit21 using our APIs or manual uploads. There are three main pieces of data you need to send us:

  • Entities: Individuals and Businesses.
  • Transactions: Monetary exchanges (amount, currency, sender info, receivers info).
  • Instruments: Media of exchange (cash, card, bank wire, credit card).

2. Create Rules to find suspicious Data

Then, your agents create rules to catch fraudulent transaction using our rules engine and detection models. There are many supported cases such as:

  • Man-in-the-middle
  • High velocity
  • Abnormal Volumes
  • Layering
  • Smurfing
  • you can even create completely custom rules

3. Get Alerts on suspicious Data

Our rules engine catches suspicious transactions and:

  • Generates meaningful alerts.

4. Investigate the suspicious Data

Upon receiving an alert, your agents can use our case management system to:

  • Convert alerts into viable cases.
  • Investigate the cases to catch fraud and money laundering.

5. Act on the results of the Investigation

Agents can escalate the cases into reports and:

6. Monitor suspicious Parties

Agents can optionally:

  • Use identification/verification data as part of their investigation.
  • Use our third-party KYC/KYB capability to continuously monitor potential offenders.


Watch this 1:30min video to learn about how Unit21 works:


Watch this 2:30min video to learn about entities (one of the foundations of the Unit21 system):


Watch this 2:00min video to learn about instruments (one of the foundations of the Unit21 system):


Watch this 2:00min video to learn about transactions (one of the foundations of the Unit21 system):

The Dashboard

The dashboard is where agents perform their work. Watch this 3:00min video to learn how the dashboard works: