If you are a sponsor bank or a company with multiple jurisdictions, you may have access to our Parent Org features.


Parent Organization

As a parent organization, you will have the ability to create and collaborate with Child Orgs.

  • If the Child Org is a Unit21 customer, they will have the ability to send in their data to Unit21. They also have their own Dashboard they can log into.
  • If the Child Org is NOT a Unit21 customer, the Parent Org must send in the Child data using the Parent-Child Org APIs. The Child Org will NOT have access to the Dashboard.

Child Organization

  • Cannot see other Child organizations
  • Cannot see Parent organization

As a Parent Org, you can use the Unit21 Dashboard as documented in the rest of this tutorial.

Parent Action Menu:

1. View a Child Organization
2. Create a Child Organization
3. Data injection for a Child Organization - that is not a Unit21 customer
4. Explore the data of a Child Organization
5. Create Rules and detection Models for Child Organizations
6. Alert / Case management - Collaboration between Child and Parent Orgs
7. File a Report for a Child Organization

Parent Organizations have a "Child Org" item present on the left hand menu of their Dashboard:


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