If you are a sponsor bank, if you provide a banking service (typically a B2B2C model), or you are a company with multiple jurisdictions, you may benefit from our Parent-Child Org features.

The Unit21 system can be setup in a single Parent, multiple Children configuration.

In this configuration, each entity uses the Unit21 system as described in the rest of the documentation with the exception of a Parent organization being able to log into the Child organization to help work on rules, cases, alerts, fillings and more. Additionally, Parent organizations are able to collect high level information about their Children.


Parent Organization

As a parent organization, you will have the ability to view the information from your child organizations as long as you have permissions to do so. You may view their data, rules, alerts, cases, and reports, even collaborate on investigations and filings. Simply setup teams, permissions and queues accordingly.

Child Organization

Child organizations are responsible for their own data, rules and investigations with or without the help of their parent. Child organizations cannot see other organizations including the parent and other children.

Child organizations use the Unit21 Dashboard as described in the rest of this documentation.

Parent organizations have one major difference, they can "switch" to a child org using the Org Switcher in their profile menu:


Once you switch to a Child organization using the Org Switcher then you behave as a member of that organization (based on your Child org imposed permissions and team associations.