PII Censorship


The purpose of censoring PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is to protect personal information by masking PII fields for agents when these fields don't pertain to the investigation.

Admins can now create custom censorship conditions based on the fields that fit theirs needs such as a social security number (SSN), DOB, email or last name.

Censored fields will be displayed as ********.





Create PII Censorship

  1. In the System page of your Dashboard, head to the Censorship tab:
  1. Select + Add censorship:

Follow the prompt:

  • Add a name
  • Select if you want to censor by agent or by team
  • Select the agent or team you want to censor from the dropdown menu
  • Select the field you want to censor
  • Select the field you want your agent to be able to un-censor by clicking ***

Click Add censorship. The changes will be applied immediately.