How to resolve a Case


Once an agent has finished investigated a Case and completed the Investigation Checklist, the case can be resolved.

This is done using our workflow action buttons on the right hand side of the case page.

The default actions

By default, a case has the following actions:

  • Create FinCEN SAR
  • Create goAML STR


Please note that default actions can be turned off by your administrator.

The custom actions

All other actions are configured through Workflow Buttons.

These are configurable buttons that you can program such as "close an case":


Workflow Button actions include:

  • Open a Case
  • Close a Case
  • Sending to another Agent
  • Escalating to another Team
  • Applying Tags
  • Adding Disposition
  • and much more.

Some buttons will only appear once an agent has completed the investigation checklist.


If you do not have access to a workflow button, ask your organization's administrator.