Understanding the SAR Status

Once an agent creates a SAR, the status of the document will change over time.


You can track it by following this chart:


SAR Filing Status Explained:

Filing StatusDescription
ARCHIVEDThe SAR report has been archived by Unit21*
PREFILING_VALIDATION_PENDINGValidation by Unit21 is queued
PREFILING_VALIDATION_IN_PROCESSValidation by Unit21 is in progress
PREFILING_VALIDATION_FAILEDValidation by Unit21 failed
QUEUED_FOR_FILINGUnit21 is going to file your report
READY_FOR_REVIEWThe report is ready for internal review
SENDING_TO_FINCENUnit21 is sending your report to FinCEN
FILING_FAILEDUnit21 has failed to file your report to FinCEN
FILING_MAX_RETRIES_EXCEEDEDFinCEN submission timeout (FinCEN error)
FILING_SUCCESSUnit21 has successfully filed your report to FinCEN
FINCEN_VALIDATION_FAILEDYour report did not pass FinCEN validation
FINCEN_REJECTEDFinCEN has rejected your report
FINCEN_STATUS_OTHERFinCEN has accepted your report with warnings
FINCEN_ACCEPTEDFinCEN has accepted your report
SENT_TO_FINCENFinCEN has accepted your report**

* filed reports cannot be archived
** only when the SAR was originally marked as FINCEN_ACCEPTED or FINCEN_STATUS_OTHER