Setup Autofill Settings

Autofill helps make the process of filling out a CTR faster.

Customers can setup autofill settings on the 'Filing Settings' page

The following sections can be setup to autofill:

  1. The 'Filing Institution' tab:
    1. This is the same on every CTR so you only have to fill this out once and it will pre-populate this section of the form every time a CTR is created - either from an alert or if started manually.
  2. The 'Transaction Locations' tab:
    1. This tab is designed to align with the semantic types specified in the 'Data Management' tab.
    2. It is common for Financial Institutions (FIs) to offer various locations for their customers to make cash deposits or withdraws. This can be done in-person at a branch or through ATMs.
    3. Each transaction location can be linked to a specific branch ID. By completing all relevant details associated with that branch ID, Unit21's platform will automatically populate these details in the CTR whenever you select the corresponding branch ID.