Store Documents in Entities

Uploading Documents

When using the Dashboard, you have the option to add a document such as an image, a PDF, or a text file to an Entity.

Documents can be uploaded to:

  • The Unit21 Amazon S3 bucket (a protected cloud based storage service)
  • Your Google Drive

Unit21 Amazon S3

  • There are no limitations or setup needed to upload alert and case files to the Unit21 storage for your needs.

Your Google Drive

  • The Google Drive requires that your organization's administrator set it up. It is used organization wide, it is not to be used on a per-agent basis.
  • To setup the Google Drive, head to Data Management, select Integrations and add your Google Drive Folder URL.
  • The Google Drive only works if your organization uses the Google log-in (not magic link or other SSO) to access the Dashboard.
  • Google docs attached to an Entity are not downloadable.


A maximum of 100 files are supported per entity.

If you think your workflow may require this limit to be raised, please contact your CSM.


Unit21 supports any file type and file size.

Adding a Document to an Entity

  1. Log-in to your Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Data Explorer.

  1. Select the entity of your choice:

  1. Click on the Media tab:

  1. Drag-and-drop the document of your choice in the window:
  2. Wait for the file to upload securely.
  3. Success the file has been uploaded:

  1. In the right hand side menu of the file, you can choose to delete, download or edit the file:

  1. You can preview the document by clicking on the item in the table.

It is also possible to change the file name in this view as well as add a description.

Security and Compliance

Your files will be stored securely on Amazon S3, a private cloud storage service from Amazon.

Unit21 follows all Amazon best practices for its S3 configuration:

  • Private Buckets
  • Blocked public access
  • Stringent Read and Write access
  • Encryption both in-transit and at-rest

Unit21 uses AWS Cloudtrail which provides granular access logs for monitoring purposes.

  • For those that require an alternate option, documents may be uploaded to your own Google Drive: