Viewing Risk Scores & Risk Segments on Entities

Once a model has been deployed, all of your entities with have both a Risk Score (0-100) and a Risk Segment (Low, Medium, High).

These scores are viewable on your entities in three places:

  • Entity Table
  • Entity Sidebar
  • Entity Detail Page

To view risk scores and segments on the entity table, ensure you have the 'Risk score' column added to you entity table configuration. You can do this by selecting 'Choose Columns' on any Entity table or going to the 'Display Settings' tab of the 'Data Management' page to do this globally for all users in your Unit21 account.

Once the 'Risk score' column is enabled, you will see both the risk score and risk segment for all entities in that column. When opening the entity sidebar, you will also see this information.

This column is not sortable. However, a pre-sorted list of high risk entities is available on the main 'Risk Ratings' page below your model. Go the 'Risk Ratings' page to view the 'Risky Entities' table, which is sorted by the your highest risk entities. This a great place for validation and ad-hock investigation of high risk entities.

Finally, risk scores are also available on the main 'Entity Detail Page'. When clicking on the 'Go To Detail Page' button and arriving at the entity page, you will see a risk score and risk distribution at the top of the page. When hovering over this, we provide information on exactly how the score was calculated.