Watchlist is a compilation of entities, individuals or businesses, that require careful monitoring such as:

  • Sanction
  • Politically Exposed Person
  • Adverse Media
  • Criminal
  • AML
  • High Risk Jurisdiction
  • Interpol
  • Internal
  • Other

Unit21 enables users to create external alerts to flag entities based on watchlist results from external providers.


To access information of an entity that has been flagged by watchlist(s), go to Alerts page and select a Watchlist Alert. You can create an alert and associate 1 entity with watchlist results through our API.

In the Match Summary section, you will find a table of watchlist outcomes that highlighted the entity noted under Flagged Entities. Click on the row to reveal more specifics about the match, which aligns with the Watchlist Configuration setup you have established for each watchlist provider you've shared watchlist data with us.