Release Notes

Planned and Latest Releases:



For an in-depth discussion of our roadmap items and how they can benefit your organization, reach out to your CSM or to our support team with your pains and aspirations to be connected with our product team.

Potential Disruptions:

Feature Affected? Details
Webhooks Yes New export webhook
APIs No None at this time
Workflow Buttons No None at this time
Permissions No None at this time
Rules / Models No None at this time
Exports Yes See Programmatic exports for details
Other No None at this time

Daily Changes (Released Thursdays):



[9.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix an issue with city and address validation in SAR that cause webpage to freeze
  2. Fixed an issue with alerts not loading when the alert has many associations

[9.26.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Display comments in Alert and Case previews (sidebar)

[9.23.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix an issue when creating/editing verification workflows
  2. Fixed an issue with customizing Slack notifications

[9.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fixed an issue with rule Slack notification routing to an invalid URL

[9.9.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fixed an issue where checklist investigation tab was blank on cases
  2. Warn users that 1MB+ SAR file submissions are not accepted
  3. Only allow uploading/attaching CSV files to SARs

[9.8.2022] CHANGES:

  1. SAR re-submission for specific orgs
  2. Minor disposition UX improvements
  3. Fix re-direct when deleting teams
  4. Minor UI update (table resizing)

[9.7.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue where sub-dispositions was being un-set when changing queues

[9.2.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with pagination of disposition table in Workflow disposition tab

[9.1.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with automatic logout when user computer goes to sleep
  2. [UP] Fix issue with rule routing for Slackbot notifications
  3. New DMB keywords
  4. New DMB rule copy capability (from sandbox to production)

[8.31.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix an issue with a disappearing empty checklist when alert/case is closed

[8.29.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (table preferences are saved even when page is refreshed)

[8.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Alert checklists are not archived (no longer deleted)
  2. [IN] Fix an issue in the alert to case process for false positive entities

[8.24.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [PT] Updated the alert types available for deadlines

[8.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [UP] Fix an issue with permissions
  2. Fix Socure verification issue with business entities

[8.16.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [SW] Fix pagination issue for transactions on the entity detail page

[8.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (fixed issue with tag count and team permission settings)

[8.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with workflow buttons that whitelist entity (when entity is already whitelisted)

[8.10.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with pagination on Agents table
  2. Display alert ID and type on alert detail page
  3. Fix issue with clearing alert filters

[8.04.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with entity export names

[8.03.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (alert scores, risk scores, alert transaction activity)

[8.02.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [IN] Fix duplicate investigation checklist
  2. [EN] Fix an issue that caused activity analysis to crash

[8.01.2022] CHANGES:

  1. SAR modal update in step 3 for critical info
  2. Fix selection UI when selecting multiple shadow models

[7.29.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Remove new lines in SAR exports

[7.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Updated single count scenario so that it does not count unique action events

[7.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add OPEN SHADOW filter for rules
  2. [CR] Add team filter for cases
  3. Fix for historical custom checklist on an alert
  4. Fix an issue with CAR deadlines

[7.20.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [BP] Fix transactions added to cases when created from alerts (not default 25)
  2. Fix issue with SAR filing when data was copy pasted in wrong format
  3. [UP] Fix issue with case details view tab dropping alert/entities
  4. Update Historical Deviation Scenario when using BETWEEN

[7.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Export notifications reroute to export view in Dashboard
  2. Template now filtering by object (instrument/entity...)

[7.14.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix bug with pre-setting execution interval when duplicating a rule
  2. DMB is now case-insensitive for entity type
  3. Add support for min/max aggregation to simple statistics scenarios
  4. Minor UI Update (fix pagination in DMB template picker)
  5. Get more alerts button triggers a notification
  6. Rule validation interval selection pre-fill on re-validation

[7.13.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Audit log formatting fix
  2. Minor UI fix (alert -> open alert, custom data page)
  3. Fix an issue with too many alerts selected in case detail page
  4. Update delete button in DMB

[7.8.2022] CHANGES:

  1. New indicator for bulk action alerts
  2. [DL] Okta login fix

[7.7.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add Subdispositions to the Case Table

[7.6.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Remove re-queue capability for external (collaboration) alerts
  2. Minor UI update (open alert label)
  3. Audit log formatting fix
  4. [IN] Fix date range issue for SAR exports

[7.5.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix SAR export filter for specific filters

[7.1.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [RE] Fix tag filters in Insights dashboard
  2. Minor UI update (DMB)
  3. Removed Close Alert default workflow
  4. [IN] Fix mismatched data in SAR reports

[6.30.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (sidebar)

[6.29.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix an issue where an alert score of 0 was not shown in Alert UI
  2. Fix issue with count for All Transactions in Alert Page
  3. Fix an issue that cause dashboard UI to crash when clicking on "Choose Columns"
  4. Add sub-dispositions to Alerts and Cases table
  5. If SSN is not required for KYC flow, the flow will no longer fail
  6. Claim review button in SAR is disabled if SAR is submitted
  7. Case export filters have been updated
  8. [AV] Use correct count when filters are passed in Transactions on Alert Detail page

[6.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Bulk actions correctly updated tags
  2. Re-ordering scenario filters is no longer supported

[6.27.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (tooltips)

[6.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [CH] Update timeout from entity list endpoint
  2. [C2] PDF to text media conversion fix

[6.23.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Alert API endpoints accept empty custom data field
  2. Fix instrument customer data field inquiries in DMB
  3. New export ready webhook and notification
  4. [SW] Update alert queue choice on Activation modal

[6.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. General DMB improvements
  2. Nested custom data keys are not supported, will be hidden in UI for exports
  3. Audit trail for SARs supported (but hidden in UI)

[6.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Updated all the Socure ID responses (codes)
  2. Added "unread" notification filter to Notification List page
  3. Minor UI update (DMB templates)

[6.16.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Edit default queue from queue tab in Alerts page
  2. Minor UI update (clear text for specific drop-down modals)
  3. Magic link can be disabled - ask your Unit21 representative
  4. Added export origin column to file exports (patronus, dobby...)

[6.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Detection model minor UI update for page loading
  2. Fix Due Date sorting for Cases
  3. Fix Insights filter bug

[6.10.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [M1] Fix timestamp issue

[6.9.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix BSA ID issue in SAR filing
  2. Fix sorting by alert score in Alert view
  3. Fix ML alert score bug

[6.8.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix SAR naming issue
  2. Strengthen variable creation for DMB

[6.6.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [C2] Fix issue with custom data table if there are dashes in DOB

[6.2.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix small bug in DMB and template cleanup

[6.1.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Added 'not_between' logic to Simple Filters scenario
  2. Fix tables in DM dashboard
  3. Fix an issue with displaying entity DOB

[5.31.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Removed progress indicator from Validating tab
  2. Minor UI update (in Detection Modeling)
  3. Ensure SAR reviewer is the same as the user logged in
  4. Add "Claim review" Button and update SAR UI

[5.26.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Custom data for entities added to DMB
  2. [BI] Enable Chainalysis
  3. Added more templates to the DMB
  4. Fix issue filtering cases by team
  5. [DL] Fix error with alert bulk re-assignment

[5.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Rule validation to date minimum is 2 hours ago (no longer supports NOW)
  2. Minor UI update (live rules tables)
  3. [C2] Fix pdf media issue when converted into txt

[5.24.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor update to scenario logic
  2. Update permissions for narrative templates in an alert

[5.23.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Alert ID filter on the Alerts Admin page now supports multiple IDs (comma separated)
  2. Minor UI update
  3. Minor webhooks update
  4. Fix issue with duplicate checklists

[5.20.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Temporarily removed pre-generated values for certain fields in DMB dropdown filter - plain text option still available for same DMB logic
  2. Support multiple IDs in Alert filters

[5.19.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update
  2. Fix timeout error handling on rule validation page
  3. Updated blacklist selection based on scenario type logic
  4. Minor logic enhancement to matchlist scenarios

[5.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [CH] Fix count for entity list

[5.17.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Mustache templates can be rendered using a button in SAR form
  2. [BI] Fix an issue with populating alert transactions when creating a case
  3. Fix the source filter for cases on the System > Assignments page
  4. Added sort by deadline to System > Assignments (case) page
  5. UI update on alert page (wording for total flagged count)

[5.13.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Get More Alerts button retrieves from all alert queues
  2. Minor UI update (instrument page)
  3. Add instrument address to instrument detail page

[5.12.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with alert and case deadlines
  2. Fix Dashboard Insights filter issue when switching between boards
  3. Minor UI update

[5.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor risk score changes

[5.9.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add Not In Filter for Custom Data Filters

[5.8.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update (Sar)

[5.6.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix SAR sorting by filed date
  2. [LI] Fix alert hit grouping issue

[5.4.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Alert API responses will always include deadline
  2. Add Case notes to Case exports

[5.3.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with custom checklist endpoint permissions
  2. [SI] Fix simple rule issue
  3. Fix simple sequence makeup windows
  4. Minor UI update (Detection Modeling Page, case opened goaml sidebar)
  5. Add case notes to case exports

[5.2.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with case failure export

[4.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [BI] Fixed slow loading instrument page
  2. Minor UI update (Detection Modeling page, text)
  3. Fixed an issue that caused the bulk export to not respect the queue "filter"

[4.27.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [TW] Updated bulk actions
  2. [C2] Fix webhook for Verification_Workflow_Executed event to return the workflow_id
  3. [UP] Remove custom_data entity filter in System>Assignment page
  4. [M1] Fixed data injection issue that caused rules not to create alerts
  5. Allow changing transaction tags in the Transaction sidebar

[4.26.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates (bulk alert actions modal + pagination of alert flagged transaction)
  2. [LI] Fixed an issue that caused bulk resolve to disrespect filters
  3. Added Transaction Event's updated_at column in Data Explorer
  4. [CH] Fix issue where bulk export was not respecting filters
  5. Added pagination to the alert flagged transactions

[4.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [AS] Remove investigation checklist

[4.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fixed bug in whitelisting rules
  2. [WS] Fix duplicate custom risk metrics
  3. Fix incorrect event aggregation on custom data in DMB
  4. [UP] Fix "Assigned to me" tag filter not working for cases
  5. Minor UI update ([IN] Add timezone code to SAR)

[4.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [FI] Fix open alerts not showing in Queue
  2. CAR Alerts have the original SAR in the associated articles

[4.20.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix entity blacklist scenario not flagging entities due to duplicates from validation
  2. [IN] New alert detail fixes (customization)
  3. Minor UI update (exports)

[4.19.2022] CHANGES:

  1. DMB filter template release
  2. [WY] Add disposition date in case export
  3. [DE] Fix AHT chart error due to missing case_history

[4.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [BI] Fix alert re-queue issue
  2. [LI] Add parity for validation and active execution windows
  3. Minor UI update (alert summary card)
  4. [LI] Entities tag view fix in alert
  5. [BI] Alert re-queue fix
  6. Fix duplicate addresses causing failure on event update api endpoint

[4.17.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [PP] Fix missing transaction filter in Simple Count scenario

[4.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [RO] Fix network analysis issue
  2. [FF] Censorship enabled

[4.14.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue for DMB filter numeric data types
  2. [CH] Fix a crash when using Investigation Checklist tab in Alert
  3. [CH] Added a disposition column to the Prior Alert table in the Alert detail page
  4. Fix missing disposition column in alert UI

[4.13.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Enhanced DMB field comparison
  2. Additional templates for the DMB
  3. Remove Sender/Receiver Instrument Name fields from Transaction table

[4.12.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Support multiple narratives on export
  2. Add collaborating org to new Alert UI

[4.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Risk score cleanup
  2. Minor UI update (verification tabs expended by default, instrument fields removed, PDF exports now include timezones)
  3. Added case collaboration permissions
  4. [PT] Fix an issue preventing the SAR UI update
  5. Fix link analysis address match on zip code issue
  6. [UP] Fix failing exports
  7. [UP] Minor bug fixed in the create scenario model flow

[4.08.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Roles are no. longer used, only permissions
  2. Add ability to sort by Due Date on alerts tables

[4.07.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Fix an issue that caused instrument type in transaction overview to be empty
  3. Filters on Alert page are now independent between tabs (Admin, Queues, My Alerts)
  4. The Intercom chat widget has been removed
  5. Dashboard performance improvements!
  6. [UP], [CH], [IN], [CR], [TE], [PT] Fix cache issue for the alerts stats

[4.06.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with embedded filters in Scenario models
  2. Minor UI updates
  3. Indicate on Insight charts what filters are applied
  4. [PT] Fixed issue when SAR filed_at was not populated
  5. [M1] Fix an issue where the workflow button was not being applied to the alert upon escalating case
  6. Additional field choices in Variables in the DMB

[4.04.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fixed DMB issue with deleting Variable conditions
  2. Added the Transaction Event updated_at column in Data Explorer
  3. [C2] Added verification results to New Alert View
  4. [WS] Populate default variables for risk scores
  5. [PT] Inactive, Shadow, and validating rules will not be associated with a queue

[3.31.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Dashboard Insights is now an option as your Home page on your Dashboard!
  2. Fix SAR address validation

[3.30.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Entity Specific conduit scenario improvements
  2. Minor UI updates (risk score in data explorer)

[3.29.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [LI] Rule Silencing for external withdrawal addresses
  2. [RO] Ability to look back 1 month in DMB
  3. DMB now supports date calculations!
  4. Minor UI update to DMB so that "0 hour" = "NOW", Alert detail page and Investigation Checklist
  5. Removing Unit21 ID and using external ID instead (more to come on this)
  6. Wrong fields in the SAR filing are highlighted upon validation
  7. Rule silencing for instruments is now supported!

[3.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. SAR Deadline fix

[3.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update
  2. Insight chart filter fix

[3.24.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Added Chainalysis link to Alert details
  2. CAR Alerts linked to the original SAR in the audit trail
  3. [TW] Change the color of the Account info and Profile info to red if High risk or Recent abuse strike
  4. [WY] Fix an issue where current filters where not applied for cases
  5. Fix validation delete button endless loading
  6. [IN] Alerted Transactions II - validation rule fix
  7. Allow SAR bulk export on filed_at filter
  8. [CR] Fix issue that prevents agent from creating tags
  9. [WY] Added additional filters to customize case export

[3.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Fix an issue where Alert AHT By Agent Over Time Chart did not have AHT in chronological order
  3. [CL] Fixed an issue with exporting transactions
  4. [BP] Added txn_table to mustache variable options
  5. [TW] Fix an issue with webhook dispositioning when bulk resolving

[3.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Updated UI for Alerts (customizable tabs, fewer tabs by default...) to be released
  3. SAR filter export bug fix
  4. Fix issue with SAR export
  5. [AR] Fix an issue where Alert PDF download did not contain Notes

[3.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Updated UI for rule builder in the Model Detail and Time Window steps
  2. Custom data at the Event level has been added to the variables in the DMB
  3. [TW] Support updated bulk action schedule
  4. Show the name of the match list in rule summary page of a Scenario Rule
  5. Fix issue with DMB rule creation

[3.17.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. [RT] Fix upload failure
  3. [PP] Fix issue with. no data on transaction dashboards (insights)

[3.16.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. [TW] [WR] [FW] Fixed an issue that prevented users from seeing the alert details page if they did not have read:event read:entities read:instruments permissions

[3.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Validation for SAR first name, legal name, and Form of ID -> Number field
  3. Fix issue where goAML STR showed up in Fincen SAR table

[3.14.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Update to the risk score formula
  2. [AU] Fix issues with Unit21 Logic Provider
  3. [WR] Fix an issue that caused UI to crash when viewing a validating rule

[3.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. New SAR UI

[3.10.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [CL] View deadlines fix
  2. UI refresh for agent and team permissions tab
  3. Limit email exports to < 10MB
  4. Fixed issue that cause goAML filing to show on page load
  5. Added "Teams" column to all Alert page tables
  6. [AR] Require 9 digits for SSN/TIN in SAR
  7. [M1] Fix issue preventing input in SAR section3-27 (TIN/Account Number)
  8. Minor UI fix (rename queue)

[3.09.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Update the way rules process hours as time
  2. Sort flagged transactions
  3. Minor UI updates
  4. Enable alerts for batch verifications
  5. Fix goAML submission date issue
  6. [WR] Fixed issue where audit trails not displaying alert actions

[3.08.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [RH] Add country to address in the Data Explorer transaction table
  2. Allow ctrl / cmd zoom in on activity and network analysis charts
  3. [BI] Chainalysis integration
  4. Update Logic Provider accepts JSON up to 4 levels deep
  5. [AR] Fix issue with Puerto Rico

[3.07.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [ST] Rounding errors fix

[3.04.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Risk score fix
  3. DMB changes -> don't allow users to create rules without a trigger condition + delete variable input
  4. [FD] Risk score fix
  5. Added sorting and table column editing to Flagged Transactions table

[3.03.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [CH] Fix failed exports
  2. [ST] Fix stuck exports
  3. [AU] Unit21 Logic provider fix
  4. Fix issue causing event model to not be populated with selected event
  5. Minor UI fixes
  6. Completed verification on-demand changes in Dashboard
  7. [WS] Add Chainalysis
  8. DMB supports duration values such as Variable between 1 WEEK and 0 HOUR

[3.02.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [CH] Fix issue that cause missing associated alerts on alert detail page

[3.01.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue where rules may be executed twice if one is in STARTED status
  2. On demand verification now uses new V2 routes
  3. [WS] Add Chainalysis alerts
  4. [AU] Add Unit21:Logic

[2.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [PT] Fix issue where alerts are generated outside period
  2. [WY] Fix duplicated rules in queue
  3. Fix null filter bug
  4. [WR] Fix auto SAR population when create SAR from a case
  5. Link analysis hot fix
  6. Filters to support custom_data
  7. Date range filter for event list API
  8. [CH] Fix failed exports
  9. [ST] Fix exports stuck
  10. [CM] Fix routing from action event detail to parent ID
  11. Minor UI fixes
  12. Preserve alert filters

[2.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [WY] Hide inactive rules from alert queue list
  2. [BP] View more events in "Alert to Case" modal
  3. Fix date range filters not showing up in bulk export modal in Reports page
  4. Minor UI updates
  5. [DW] Fix filter bug
  6. [BP] Increase limit for alerts entity in event retrieval modal

[2.24.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Filter on the rules page now include a date range rather than singular date
  2. Minor UI update on file exports
  3. File exports update

[2.22.2022] CHANGES:

  1. 'People' was removed from the entities schema (this is part of the business entity input)
  2. Show active filters even when filter bar is collapsed
  3. [MP] Fix SAR form IP addresses import with incorrect dates
  4. [CB] Fix 400 error when loading cases

[2.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add "SAR creation" as an option to workflow button creation
  2. Custom home pages for when a user first logs in (see the epic)
  3. New UI for bulk alert re-assigns
  4. New UI to be able to select ALL alerts, even if they are beyond the viewable table (paginated)

[2.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [WR] Fix SAR address-country not populating correctly
  2. [WR] Incorrect DoB in SAR fix
  3. When a node is clicked in an activity timeline, it shows the corresponding transaction in the right hand side of the screen
  4. Block viewership if user doesn't have read:cases or read:sars permissions when showing information about associated articles
  5. [M1] Fix issue with case start / end dates
  6. [MP] Fix SAR "Other Suspicious Activities" description for "embezzlement"

[2.17.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI changes
  2. [SA] Hot fix for Middesk verification
  3. Fix issue enabling continuous monitoring after on-demand verification

[2.16.2022] CHANGES:

  1. UI changes in DMB variable creation
  2. Fix routing issue on actions table

[2.15.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issue with rule metrics
  2. Improve custom_data selection
  3. Fix issue with SAR exports
  4. [PT] Fix SAR filing generated blank report when using filters

[2.14.2022] CHANGES:

  1. UI Updates in the DMB Variable builder
  2. New permission edit:export_settings
  3. Added filters for get more alerts from queue
  4. Add verification_workflow_execution_id to verification responses (see new endpoints added last week)

[2.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix edit rule flow so rule validation doesn't fail when rule is being edited
  2. Minor UI updates

[2.10.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [UP] Fix issue that cause crash when creating case from entity details

[2.09.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Rule query fix on alert queue creation
  2. Show all rules on alert queue creation
  3. Allow creation of tags in tag dropdown on various pages (Create alert, Alert details, Alert and Case workflows)

[2.08.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix faulty data load of devices on entities page with no entity_id filter
  2. [DW] Fix SAR form crashing because String inputs require null validation

[2.07.2022] CHANGES:

  1. The "Add rule", "Add group" buttons are always visible in the Scenario rule builder
  2. There is now an error preview for all rules that failed to validate
  3. Dormant activity is checked every 12 hours instead of every 5 minutes
  4. [M1] Fix Simple count validation fail because of duplicated WHERE clause in db query

[2.04.2022] CHANGES:

  1. [MP] - Fix issue with Investigation Checklist disappearing when alerts are added to a case
  2. Fix validation rule link in alert queue details
  3. Include Validating Rules in create / edit queue rule select

[2.03.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add org name to verification form url
  2. [WR] Fix issue with transaction event search going into 404 page
  3. [iM] Fix redirect link from the verification form api goes to page not found

[2.02.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Models can be filtered by tags in Detection Model page
  2. [CH] Fix issue preventing download of alert documents
  3. New GET endpoint to retrieve a single verification_workflow_execution

[2.01.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix form delete in SAR
  2. Fix table view after bulk queue action taken

[1.31.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update in Verification page
  2. Minor UI updates in Alert detail page
  3. Navigating to a deleted/non-existent entity redirects to Data Explorer page
  4. Minor webhook fix for ALERT_COMPONENT_ACTION_TRIGGERED event
  5. New permission for the "alert component buttons" feature

[1.28.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Toggle between Flagged and All Transactions (Not Flagged) in Transaction view of Alert
  2. Alert component button feature added back in to Dashboard
  3. [BP] Fix SAR variable showing BTC instead of $
  4. Fix Start Collaborating button shows up unexpectedly for non-collaboratable alerts
  5. UI updates to Transaction activity tab of Alert detail page
  6. Ctrl+K shortcut now supported for Alerts
  7. Minor UI updates for entities

[1.27.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Website added to inputs for on demand KYB (verification page)
  2. [CH] Disable CSI watchlist screening
  3. SARs no longer fails to submit if "10. Occupation or type of business" > 30 characters
  4. [LI] Fix bug to clear entity filter on Alerts and Data Explorer
  5. Minor changes in Verification page (Socure modules)

[1.26.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Support autocompletion in detection model filters for child org data
  2. [PP] Can view instrument custom data in instrument table
  3. Fix issue with entity table when sorting by user attribute
  4. Disable sorting of tags on alerts
  5. Enabling continuous monitoring immediately after modifying an entity will return 423 error
  6. Add "reference ID" on Socure Verification Results in Alert Summary and Entities 'verifications' tab

[1.25.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix alert re-queue and re-assign issue
  2. Fix issue with collaboration internal alerts table when re-assigning or re-queuing

[1.24.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI changes
  2. Fix alert and data explorer export time bug (missing 23:59-0:00)
  3. Fix 'remove all notifications' capability
  4. Network analysis tab added to new Alert UI
  5. [DW] Fix SARs delete Subjects bug (now deletes opened subject)
  6. Deadlines now appear in SARs/STRs
  7. Enable admin features in queues pages (bulk re-queue, bulk re-assign, bulk resolving)
  8. Highest risk score is now an option for how to consume new alerts in a queue
  9. Added escalation/workflow buttons to alert queue details/table

[1.21.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Add verification_result_id to identity webhooks if available

[1.20.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix issues relating to creating Child Orgs
  2. Fix Link Analysis dependency on txn
  3. Fix error retrieving transactions in Alerts
  4. Minor UI updates

[1.19.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix risk score computational logic
  2. Fix delete team logic
  3. UI updated for Verification workflows and other minor UI updates

[1.18.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Middesk KYB updates
  2. Minor UI updates such as continuous monitoring enabled icon
  3. Login flow updated
  4. Updated error messages for verification
  5. Fix Socure module selector in verification flow
  6. Socure image endpoint support

[1.17.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI updates
  2. Add/Remove tag workflow can create new tags

[1.14.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Webhook select drop-down fix
  2. Many UI updates
  3. Fix null instrument routing to 404 page
  4. Help icon added to dashboard pages
  5. Update to "on-demand" verification

[1.13.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Fix SAR Unarchive button
  2. SAR Zip code validation update
  3. Webhook service update
  4. Notification service update
  5. Socure docV support

[1.12.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Remove NaN alert count from My Alerts
  2. Support displaying boolean data in Custom Data (Entity page)
  3. Fix goAML export issues
  4. Fix empty instrument label which directs to a 404 page
  5. Minor UI changes
  6. Fix issues with back to back Socure ID verifications

[1.11.2022] CHANGES:

  1. File uploader changes
  2. Minor UI updates

[1.10.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Development work for incoming alert page changes
  2. Security review
  3. Removed read:entity_list permission
  4. Minor UI changes

[1.7.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Stability work
  2. Show workflow buttons based on teams and tags

[1.6.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Updated re-assign and alert queues menu
  2. Minor UI updates
  3. Added Narrative tab to identity alerts

[1.5.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Minor UI update on API key page
  2. Middesk webhook handler update
  3. Magic link auth fixes

[1.4.2022] CHANGES:

  1. DMB code cleanup
  2. Remove Window/Run Range if Value Fact and Object Fact selected
  3. Improve data ingestion for DMB
  4. Upgrade some systems to Node 16

[1.3.2022] CHANGES:

  1. Transactions Filtering in DMB
  2. Support filtering of entity and events in DMB