Release Notes

Planned and Latest Releases:

FeatureEstimated Release Date
Customer Risk RatingsNovember-end, 2023
Real Time Monitoring | Evaluating Action EventsNovember-beg, 2023
Real Time Monitoring | Run Relevant Rules OnlyNovember-end, 2023
Consortium | Block ReasonsNovember-mid, 2023



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Unit21 releases product updates every Thursday (except holidays). Product patches occur as needed.

Note: moving forward, please check out the Announcements tab for more information regarding a specific release below.


Week 46: 11/13

  1. Default Workflow Button Settings
  2. Create Case Link Related Modal Deprecation
  3. Fixed Edit Deadline Crash
  4. Fixed Entities + Instruments Empty Filter Export
  5. Added SAR IP Date Picker
  6. Entity Blocked Reasons

Week 44: 10/30

  1. Detect and Transform Null Values in FFIP
  2. Bug Fix | Entity and Instrument Chips
  3. Bug Fix | KYC Admin Config Management
  4. Bug Fix | Workflow Button Disposition Notes Crash
  5. Deleted Feature | AI Insights Link Analysis Graph
  6. Removed the Casing on Transaction Status Filters
  7. Update Native Fields for DMB and RTM
  8. Action Event Data Added to Alert View
  9. Code Interpreter | Chat with AI about File Exports

Week 43: 10/23

  1. Filters Redesign GA Banner
  2. Create Case Link Related Modal Deprecation
  3. Reset Filters will Reset to Default Filters
  4. Fixed Removed Filter Option Crash
  5. Fixed CTR Back Button
  6. Display if Makeup Windows are enabled on the Detection Model summary page
  7. Conditional Mapping in FFIP
  8. Documents on Txn updates
  9. Checklist export
  10. OR and grouping in RTM
  11. Fixed Admin KYC Config Management Bug

Week 42 10/16

  1. Entity Details Revamp
  2. Bug Fix: Map US full address and successfully save schema in FFIP
  3. Consolidate date time and timezone transformation into a single transformation
  4. Implemented better monitoring for FFIP to improve stability and reaction times

Week 40 10/02

  1. Org Switcher
  2. Link Analysis Bug

Week 39 9/25

  1. Filters Redesign GA Banner
  2. Go to button open in new tab
  3. Dynamic SAR Sanitized whitespace input
  4. Alert Grouping: sort by flagged amounts + re-assign button
  5. CTR: excluding SSN + TIN for physical IDs
  6. Graph based rules: execution frequency
  7. Graph based rules: custom data matching
  8. RTM: customer specific rate limit
  9. Webhooks hotfix
  10. Workflow buttons: show based on team
  11. Bug fix: default queue workflow button

Week 38 9/18

  1. Fixed Case Txn Analysis Filters
  2. Added Ability to type input into date range picker
  3. Ask Unit21 Docs!
  4. Data Explorer table + filters redesign

Week 35 8/28

  1. Changed Help Icon to 'i'
  2. Fixed Datpicker Filter Click behavior
  3. FIxed Chrome + Edge PDF download

Week 34 8/21

  1. CTR: Deadlines + Queues
  2. CTR: Auto-population of tx locations
  3. Network Analysis Revamp
  4. Updated FFIP transformation: ID Clean
  5. New Transformation: Timezone tranformation
  6. Passthrough streams in FFIP

Week 33 8/14

  1. Consortium bug fix
  2. Org switcher: added new customers

Week 31 7/31

  1. Add Restricted Queues
  2. Alert Queue by Type
  3. Dynamic SAR GA

Week 30 7/24

  1. Relationships UI Revamp
  2. FFIP Error Sidebar and Better Handling
  3. Regex Transformation in FFIP
  4. Recent Values Expanded to Native Settings
  5. Ability to Filter by Empty Row Values in FFIP
  6. Pre-aggregation Transformations
  7. More Robust Mapping for Alerts in FFIP
  8. Export/Print Data Settings

Week 29 7/17

  1. Duplicate Deadline Bug

Week 28: 7/10

  1. Transaction Histogram Usage
  2. Standardized sidebar minor text updates
  3. Fixed unexpected "Children" tab
  4. Reduced Checkbox / Radio Click Area
  5. Estonion FIU crash
  6. Filing service has ben enabled for prod1

Week 25: 6/19

  1. Advanced Steam Settings
  2. Support for Ingesting Document Data on Entities via FFIP

Week 23: 6/5

  1. 314a Support for Businesses

Week 22: 5/29

  1. Hid Archive filing button behind edit SAR permission
  2. Handled null event type
  3. Fixed unexpected Saving prompt
  4. Added ANY type custom data filter
  5. Added in / not in custom data filter

Week 21: 5/23

  1. Filter redesign for both alert and case filters
  2. Data management tab
  3. FFIP Streams Page redesign
  4. Update graph based rules to include bank account/routing number matching

Week 11: 3/14

  1. Removed Convert to DMB button
  2. Rule Detail UI update
  3. Some default scenarios have been removed/deprecated
  4. Validating rules have the same filters as Live rules
  5. Fix entity sidebar tag display

Week 10: 3/7

  1. Fix casting issue with booleans in rules
  2. address.street added to DMB rules
  3. "Relative Transaction Amount Sequence" scenario released
  4. SAR audit trail and narrative audit trail released
  5. Audit trail service now includes permissions with new Team and Agent permission tabs
  6. Permissions have been added to request headers (among other stability improvements)
  7. Duplicate team capability

Week 9: 2/27

  1. Backend update - Rules/Queries will run against SF instead of PG
  2. Narrative template changes have a Add to Record button for audit (available upon request)
  3. Notes are optionally immutable and can be used as audit (available upon request)
  4. New SAR audit trail sidebar
  5. Fix missing IP address in Instruments table
  6. Fix comments automatic refresh issue

Week 8: 2/21

  1. Improved performance on the rule execution tab
  2. The basic formula builder in the DMB has been updated
  3. Deadline bar charts added to all queue details pages
  4. Clicking on checklist item in queue details page → checklist details page
  5. Clicking on queue in deadline summary chart → queue details page
  6. SAR / Filing queues released
  7. Queue-based deadline released
  8. New file preview UI

Week 7: 2/13

  1. P0 fixes on transaction lists
  2. Simplified case queues deadline UI (removed urgent option)
  3. UTC timestamp now used for SAR end date
  4. Documents in alerts now carry over to a case when added

Week 6: 2/6

  1. Your org name is now available on your right hand side menu (?)
  2. UI update for the SAR activity table and disposition classifications descriptions
  3. Fixed an issue where Case Queues were not set correctly when creating a case from the alert workflow button

Week 5: 1/30

  1. UI update for investigation checklist customer prompt and disposition classifications
  2. Entity region now in SAR exports and filing table columns
  3. Prod 2 server can now file SARs
  4. [CU] Fix issue where multiple Investigative Checklists appear in an alert
  5. Added the amount associated with a particular SAR Filing to the table entry
  6. Google Doc preview fix
  7. Fix entity transaction table filter issue

Week 4: 1/23

  1. [NH] Added spell check to alert, case, and rule notes
  2. [NH] Added absolute timestamp to notes on hover
  3. Added browser tooltip to overflowed text input
  4. Censorship self serve is now available for all orgs by default

Week 3: 1/16

  1. Custom data in Alerts in now available by default in manual alerts and external alerts

Week 2: 1/9

  1. FIUs are no longer supported
  2. ETH now supported in transactions
  3. Activity type, associations and more now in Filing table if Queues are turned on
  4. Fix issue with IP address no showing up in action events on Entity detail page
  5. Max 100 documents per object (entity, event, instrument)
  6. Update to Action Event support

Week 1: 1/2

No changes