Release Notes

Planned and Latest Releases:

FeatureSandbox Release DateProduction Release Date
Action Event FlaggingDec 5 2022Dec 12 2022
Documents UIDec 5 2022Dec 12 2022
Case QueuesJan 16 2023Dec 17 SELECT CUSTOMERS
Jan 16 2023 FOR ALL
API 2.0 with deprecation of some unit21 IDs, entity type, devices and risk scoresQ3 2022 - Q1 2023Q3 2022 - Q1 2023
Filing QueuesJan 15 2023Jan 16 2023 BETA
Feb 23 2023 FOR ALL
Global data settings + Global table settingsFeb 15 2023Feb 15 2023 BETA
Feb 27 2023 FOR ALL
Flat file injection (new import)Feb 15 2023Feb 15 2023
More Deadlines visibility - Sorting by Deadlines + Deadlines by queues + Deadlines metricsFeb 15 2023Feb 21 2023 BETA
Mar 9 2023 FOR ALL
New UI for rule detail pagesMar 7 2023Mar 17 2023
Metrics update = view how your rules and alerts are performingMar 17 2023Mar 24 2023
Additional audit trailsLate March 2023Late March 2023
Alert deduplicationLate March 2023Late March 2023
New SAR UILate April 2023Late May 2023



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Unit21 releases product updates every Thursday (except holidays). Product patches occur as needed.


Week 22: 5/29

  1. Hid Archive filing button behind edit SAR permission
  2. Handled null event type
  3. Fixed unexpected Saving prompt
  4. Added ANY type custom data filter
  5. Added in / not in custom data filter

Week 21: 5/23

  1. Filter redesign for both alert and case filters
  2. Data management tab
  3. FFIP Streams Page redesign
  4. Update graph based rules to include bank account/routing number matching

Week 11: 3/14

  1. Removed Convert to DMB button
  2. Rule Detail UI update
  3. Some default scenarios have been removed/deprecated
  4. Validating rules have the same filters as Live rules
  5. Fix entity sidebar tag display

Week 10: 3/7

  1. Fix casting issue with booleans in rules
  2. address.street added to DMB rules
  3. "Relative Transaction Amount Sequence" scenario released
  4. SAR audit trail and narrative audit trail released
  5. Audit trail service now includes permissions with new Team and Agent permission tabs
  6. Permissions have been added to request headers (among other stability improvements)
  7. Duplicate team capability

Week 9: 2/27

  1. Backend update - Rules/Queries will run against SF instead of PG
  2. Narrative template changes have a Add to Record button for audit (available upon request)
  3. Notes are optionally immutable and can be used as audit (available upon request)
  4. New SAR audit trail sidebar
  5. Fix missing IP address in Instruments table
  6. Fix comments automatic refresh issue

Week 8: 2/21

  1. Improved performance on the rule execution tab
  2. The basic formula builder in the DMB has been updated
  3. Deadline bar charts added to all queue details pages
  4. Clicking on checklist item in queue details page → checklist details page
  5. Clicking on queue in deadline summary chart → queue details page
  6. SAR / Filing queues released
  7. Queue-based deadline released
  8. New file preview UI

Week 7: 2/13

  1. P0 fixes on transaction lists
  2. Simplified case queues deadline UI (removed urgent option)
  3. UTC timestamp now used for SAR end date
  4. Documents in alerts now carry over to a case when added

Week 6: 2/6

  1. Your org name is now available on your right hand side menu (?)
  2. UI update for the SAR activity table and disposition classifications descriptions
  3. Fixed an issue where Case Queues were not set correctly when creating a case from the alert workflow button

Week 5: 1/30

  1. UI update for investigation checklist customer prompt and disposition classifications
  2. Entity region now in SAR exports and filing table columns
  3. Prod 2 server can now file SARs
  4. [CU] Fix issue where multiple Investigative Checklists appear in an alert
  5. Added the amount associated with a particular SAR Filing to the table entry
  6. Google Doc preview fix
  7. Fix entity transaction table filter issue

Week 4: 1/23

  1. [NH] Added spell check to alert, case, and rule notes
  2. [NH] Added absolute timestamp to notes on hover
  3. Added browser tooltip to overflowed text input
  4. Censorship self serve is now available for all orgs by default

Week 3: 1/16

  1. Custom data in Alerts in now available by default in manual alerts and external alerts

Week 2: 1/9

  1. FIUs are no longer supported
  2. ETH now supported in transactions
  3. Activity type, associations and more now in Filing table if Queues are turned on
  4. Fix issue with IP address no showing up in action events on Entity detail page
  5. Max 100 documents per object (entity, event, instrument)
  6. Update to Action Event support

Week 1: 1/2

No changes