Add items to a matchlist

Add items to a matchlist, according to the matchist's type.

Each request must specify at least 1 object to matchlist. You may add up to 100 values to an existing matchlist at once.

The /blacklists/<blacklist-id>/add-values API will ignore entries provided that already exist in the matchlist. No error will be thrown when this occurs.

The response will consist of the following fields:

STRINGPlain strings to match against any text-type field."blacklist_value": "abcde"
IP_INETIPv4 or IPv6 IP addresses to matchlist."ip_address": ""
IP_CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation IP address ranges to blacklist."cidr": ""
USERSeries of fields that a Unit21 user entity will be matched against.user_data object
BUSINESSSeries of fields that a Unit21 business entity will be matched against.business_data object
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