Create alerts

Creates a new alert, sending alert data in the request body.
To create an Alert, you MUST include the following fields: alert_id, alert_type, created_at, title, and status. The other top-level fields are optional.

If we receive a request to create an alert for an alert_id that already exists in our system, we will respond with a 409 error code indicating that this alert cannot be created/updated. You must use the /alert/update endpoint to update an alert.

You can add the following objects to an alert:

rulesString[]Unique identifier of the rules/triggers/scenarios that triggered this alert
eventsObject[]Transactions affiliated with the alert. Each object must consist of a event_id and event_type field
entitiesObject[]Users or businesses affiliated with the alert. Each object must consist of an entity_id and entity_type field
instrumentsString[]Unique identifiers of any instruments affiliated with the alert
watchlistObjectWatchlist affiliated with the alert. Watchlist must be accompanied with one and only one entity matched against to

Updates to an alert's alert_id are not allowed.

Follow the links for more information:

The response will consist of the following fields:

alert_idStringUnique identifier of the alert on your platform
unit21_idStringInternal ID of the alert within Unit21's system
previously_existedBooleanIf alert (with the same alert_id) already exists
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