Create an entity

Creates a new entity, sending entity data in the request body.

If the /entities/create API is called for an entity that already exists in our system, it is treated it as an upsert and an update on the existing entity is performed. However, Unit21 selectively ignores upserts if the request is identical to a previous request.

If you want to perform strict validation and not perform an upsert on conflict, specifying options.upsert_on_conflict: false will prevent the request from overwriting an existing entity.

Updates to an entity's general_data.entity_id are not allowed.

Use this endpoint to turn a placeholder entity into an entity in the Unit21 system.

Whitelisted entities cannot be updated through the /entities/create endpoint.

Instruments can be associated with entities by providing the IDs of these instruments within the instrument_ids section of the request. If the instrument doesn't already exist, Unit21 creates a placeholder instrument.

You will receive a 423 error code if an entity is busy. When a 200 response is received, the data has been successfully stored on the Unit21 backend; however, it may take a few additional seconds to process that data so that it becomes available in subsequent API calls, in the frontend UI, and/or for verification purposes.

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