Create an RTR event

Creates a new RTR event, sending event data in the request body.

You must send this request to the RTR endpoint https://rtr.{env} Please see the Sandbox RTR 1 endpoint in the dropbox as an example.

Two objects are required: general_data and either transaction_data or action_data. general_data requires the fields: event_id, event_type, and event_time. transaction_data requires only the field amount.

Unlike entities, events on our system are cannot be explicitly updated. However, they can be overwritten in a naive upsert-overwrite fashion.

If we receive a request to create an event for an event_id that already exists in our system, we will simply overwrite that previous entry with the newly provided data if this transaction is not already associated with other articles in our system.

For instance, if a transaction is flagged in an alert and we receive a request to overwrite the details of this transaction, we will respond with a 409 error code indicating that this event cannot be overwritten.

Updates to an event's general_data.event_id are not allowed.

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