Generate API Keys


Every organization on Unit21 can have up to 10 active API keys at once.

API keys can be deactivated at any time from the Unit21 Dashboard.

To generate an API key to use the Unit21 API:

  1. Login to your Unit21 Dashboard with administrator privileges.
  2. Head over to the Data Management page and select the Integrations tab. Then, make sure you are on the API Keys sub-tab:

  1. Click the + Request a new key button, this will bring up a prompt:


If the "Request New Key" button is not available, you have too many keys and must delete one first!

  1. Select all the privileges you wish to allow for this key and add a label:


The Permission section of the API key is a great security feature!

When creating an API key, you can select specific key permissions. This can prevent attacks or mistakes. A key with alert only permissions cannot update a case for example.

  1. Click the +Create API Key button:


Don't forget to save your key somewhere safe!

Copy this API key and keep it safe, as this is the only time that it will be displayed to you. Unit21 does not store your API keys anywhere on our systems.

For security reasons, we do not allow for the modification of API key permissions after creation.

  1. That's it! Your key is active and ready to be used for you integration with Unit21.


Unit21 recommends that you rotate keys every 2-6 months by deleting a key and generating a new one.