Verification Options

Verification Options for the Endpoint

curl -X POST \
  https://<API_ENDPOINT>/v1/entities/create \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'u21-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \
  -d '{
    "options": {
      "identity_verifications": {
        "workflow_id": "sanctions_check_1",
        "run_verifications": true,
        "synchronous_response": false

The following fields are options for the endpoint:

workflow_idStringA unique identifier defined during workflow creation. Note that some workflows do not allow for synchronous responses.
run_verificationsBooleanWhether or not to execute a verification workflow for the uploaded entity/entities.
synchronous_responseBooleanWhether or not to immediately execute the workflow & receive a verification response as part of the API request response. If synchronous_response is true for a workflow that doesn't allow synchronous responses, this will throw an error.
include_full_responseStringInclude the full, raw, verification results. This option can only be used if synchronous_response is set to true, or a 400 Bad Request will be returned. This is an optional field and will default to false.