Add media to an event

Adds rich media objects (images, videos, etc.) to an existing event.

Placeholder events cannot be updated.

This endpoint is useful for sending in rich media such as check images, receipts, invoices, and other documents that you want available to investigative.

Supported file types are: txt, pdf, video (mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mkv), images (png, jpg, tiff, gif, raw, eps). The max file size is 5 MB per file.

The payload to this endpoint can either be a form-data or a base64 encoded media file via the requests JSON body.

Form-data sent to this endpoint must use the key media_key and the value as the media file. If you wish to provide optional information, use the media_key and provide stringified JSON data as the value. media_type is the only required field in each media file's supplementary form data.

  --form 'check_front=@/src/103031/images/check_image_front.jpg' \
  --form 'check_front={"media_type": "CHECK_IMAGE_FRONT", "source": "direct_deposit_capture", "timestamp": 1572673229}'

Base64 encoded media objects must include media, name, and media-type for each media object. The name must include the file extension such a File.pdf. Supplementary form data is sent through the optional custom_data object.

    "name": "Check_Image_Front.png",
    "media_type": "CHECK_IMAGE_FRONT",
    "custom_data": {
      "internal_notes": "Reviewed by Mitchell Jones on 31 June 2019",
      "source": "direct_deposit_capture",
      "timestamp": "2012-03-40 05:12:41.000Z"
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