Announcement: Alert Queue Thresholds - 6/15/22

[Release 06.15.2022]

At Unit21, we have recently added a small update into the alert queue UI.

Agents can add color thresholds on alert queues so that when there are X amounts of alerts waiting for investigation they will be notified accordingly. A visual marker in either red, yellow, or green has been added to the UI.

How does it work?

  • Agents can define a High and Low threshold for an Alert Queue.
  • These thresholds will color code the Alert count on an Alert Queue listing with a stoplight color.
  • Alert Queues without thresholds will continue to show their count as grey in the UI.
  • Thresholds can also be used to trigger Notifications in the Dashboard and via email.
  • Notifications are sent when the low threshold and the high threshold are surpassed.
  • Only members in the team(s) associated with the Alert Queue will be notified.

Why did we add this feature?

This makes it easier to understand which queues need the most attention and which are being neglected.

What does it look like?

You can see this change in:


You can edit the queue threshold in the ... alert queue menu:


You can edit notifications in your notifications page:


How will this affect you?

This does not change the main functionality of the dashboard.

Agents can now organize their Alert Queues with Teams that have expertise in notable categories. This feature also makes it east to view and monitor Queues.