Announcement: Alert Scores - 5/25/22

[Release 05.25.2022]

At Unit21, we are always improving our platform. We are excited to announce our first ML model to help in the fights against fraud and AML called Alert Scores.

Alert Scores determine the importance of a newly generated alert.

Why did we add this feature?

Alert Scores work on a scale of 0-100 to provide a numerical value that fraud agents can easily interpret.

Alert Scores are based on a vetted machine learning model that is trained on your prior alert dispositions and behaviors.

What does it look like?


How will this affect you?

Alert Queues can be easily sorted by alert scores, so only the highest priority alerts get the attention they deserve. This makes the process of working through alerts easier and reduces false-positive rates to free up your team’s valuable time.


If you are interested in turning on Alert Scores for your organization, please contact your Unit21 rep.