Announcement: Rule Validation Changes - 5/26/22

[Release 05.26.2022]

At Unit21, we have recently update the logic for our rule validation time frame.

When a rule is created, it is validated with past transactional data. The minimum time frame used to be NOW (as in the current date and time), now it will be 24 hours ago (24 hours from the current date and time).

Why did we add this feature?

This will enable rule validation to occur much faster by operating on a very fast database on transactional data.

However this fast database has a 24 hour delay and as a result, the validation window must incur this delay.

What does it look like?


How will this affect you?

As you can see in the example above, the current time is Friday May 27th 9:20AM. In the past, rules validation would have been able to occur from any date in the past until the current time (5/27/2022 9:20AM). However, as of today, the minimum validation date is 24 hours from the current time. In this example, the minimum validation date is 5/26/2022 9:20AM.