Average Handle Time (AHT)

In your Dashboard Insights, there are charts with the option to view the handling time of agents. Specifically how long it takes them to resolve alerts, cases and reports.

How is the AHT calculated?

The AHT is a timer that will start tracking the handle time of an alert or a case for an agent.

The typical AHT timer starts when the case or alert is in status 'OPEN' and assigned to an agent (i.e first generated) and stops once it becomes 'CLOSED'.


The timer can also be started:

  • when a button is pressed by the agent (the agent logs in to work the alert, opens it, and clicks a custom start case button).

This is configurable by Unit21.


If you want to enable this feature, contact your Unit21 representative.

If you want to change how the AHT calculations are done, please let us know.

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