Socure Continuous Monitoring

With Socure watchlist, you can designate an entity to be monitored with ongoing watchlist checks.

This way, even if the entity does not fail a check at the moment, you will still be notified if they fail a check in the future. This can happen as list are updated frequently.

The enablement of continuous monitoring must always be tied to a previous watchlist screening result. This means that you cannot enable continuous monitoring for an entity that hasn't run a watchlist screening workflow first. The continuous monitoring is tied to the initial watchlist screening and for most cases, should only be enabled if the initial watchlist screening did not result in any matches.


Continuous Monitoring is NOT supported in Sandbox!

You must configure your API Key and Socure Endpoint in your environment to use this feature.


In order to use continuous monitoring, you must:

Enable continuous monitoring using Workflows

  1. Go to Verifications > Workflows.
  1. Under Id Verification, select the Socure node as your starting process.
  1. Double click on the Socure node, and select the correct Socure module (e.g. watchlist).
  1. Select continuous monitoring:
  1. Select your desired process outcomes (e.g. Reject or Accept) and connect them to the Socure node.
  1. Click on the link to Reject and configure that Verification outcome == Socure reject.
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Synchronous options

Continuous monitoring can be done synchronously and asynchronously. To make it synchronous, simply check the synchronous box your verification workflow.

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Continuous monitoring Alerts

Once the workflow is active, you can find alerts for in one of two places, either through:

  • Alerts on the Alerts pane
  • On the entity's pane. Using search or from Entities, find the entity's profile. See alerts on the Verifications tab

Enable/Disable continuous monitoring

If you decide you want to disable continuous monitoring:

  1. From the Entity’s profile, uncheck the Continuous Monitoring box.
  2. To re-enable continuous monitoring for that entity, simply check the box again.

If you would like to use the Unit21 API instead of the dashboard, U21 also provides an endpoint to enable or disable continuous monitoring.

Suppress continuous monitoring

After you have configured continuous monitoring, it’s possible for Socure to flag a person with the same name and date-of-birth as the person you’re monitoring. Upon review, you may discover that the alert is a false positive. To mark a continuous monitoring alert as a false positive, follow these steps below.

Additionally, if the continuous monitoring is producing too many alerts (even if they are not false positives), you can mute it for an entity.

To suppress continuous monitoring:

  1. From the Entity’s profile, go to the Verifications tab
  2. Expand the Watchlist Event to see a list of matches.
  3. Next to the details of the false positive, press the Suppress button.
  4. After that, you can close any related alerts. If the entity appears on a watchlist in the future, there will still be an alert.

If you would like to use the Unit21 API instead of the dashboard, U21 also provides an endpoint to suppress continuous monitoring.

Supplementary video demonstration

For your convenience, this short video demonstrates the steps above:

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