Bulk Resolution: Alerts

When you need to take a repeated action over a group of alerts, save time by resolving the alerts in bulk.

How to bulk resolve alerts

  1. From the dashboard, head to System > Assignments.

  2. Select the Alerts tab.

  3. If needed, filter the results. You can filter by many parameters, including Assignee tag, rule, teams, cases, dates, and monetary amount.

  4. Select the check boxes for the alerts you want to resolve.

  5. Click the Bulk Resolve button and choose the action you want. The default actions are Close, Confirm, Dismiss, Escalate, and Reopen, but you can also use any of your custom actions too

What if I clicked the wrong button, or resolved the wrong alerts?

Don’t worry, this is totally reversible. Simply select the checkboxes for the mistaken alerts, then use the Reopen Alert button to return them to their default state.

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