Request A New Feature

Unit21 partners with Canny to capture feature requests from our community.

This forum is open to all Unit21 customers to publish requests for new features in Unit21. Upon submission of requests, Unit21 will review postings and prioritize them based on a posting's popularity.

To submit a post, you may go to and simply "Create a Post" by adding a Title and Details of what you'd like to Unit21 to consider for our roadmap. Remember, your details will help us determine roadmap feasibility. Information such as your current use-case and how the new feature will help you is useful for our evaluation.


Aside from posting your feature request, we encourage you to access frequently to:

  1. Review what is being posted and commented on by our community
  2. Check on the status of your request and where it stands on Unit21's roadmap
  3. Vote and/or comment on other features that may be of interest to you or your team



Unit21 prioritizes features that garner the most feedback from our community. If you do not have an account with us, please submit an email to [email protected] to request an invitation email!