Submit a Ticket

Submitting a FreshDesk ticket:

Unit21 uses Freshdesk to handle tickets. You can submit a ticket using the web portal:

Please note that you can also submit a ticket by emailing [email protected], this will automatically file a ticket on Freshdesk for you.

Follow the prompt on Freshdesk to file a ticket once you login.

Ticket submission tips:

  • Please submit one topic per ticket
  • Choose a topic of inquiry
  • Show us how to reproduce issues; include step by step of your user journey
  • Include pictures and screenshots
  • Details help us resolve tickets quickly and effectively

Check your FreshDesk ticket status:

Once your ticket has been filed, you can check the Freshdesk web portal anytime to:

  • Manage your outstanding tickets here
  • Check the progress of individual tickets
  • Use the export function available

Escalate your FreshDesk ticket:

You may escalate a ticket if there is a business operation blockage event (i.e. unscheduled outage or inaccessibility).

Type “Outage” anywhere in your inquiry and it will be moved to high priority queue.

If you have any tickets that are not related to outages, you may type the keywords ‘Urgent’ and ‘Escalate’ anywhere in your inquiry and Unit21 management will prioritize the ticket for you.