Support & Service Level Agreement


1. Maintenance and Support Services

a. Email Support. Unit21 personnel will be available to answer product questions and otherwise assist in troubleshooting problems that may occur in the day-to-day running of the Services. Questions and problems with the product must be submitted to Unit21 Support by opening a support ticket using email: [email protected] or web portal:

b. Problem Notification and Emergency Outages. Unit21 will notify the customer personnel immediately upon discovery of any problem classified as critical or of any unscheduled maintenance procedures. The customer is required to provide a contact list of key personnel to Unit21 for this notification.

c. Maintenance and Support. Unit21 will use best efforts to maintain and monitor the health of all the necessary hardware, software, bandwidth, and other facilities and equipment necessary to provide the customer with access to the services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

d. Issue Classifications and Definitions.
Problem severity will be determined using the following guidelines:

Level Severity Description
P0 Urgent The customer experiences a sustained loss of service where critical features are completely unavailable for access for 15 minutes or more, and there is no reasonable workaround.

Loss of access to these critical features constitute a P0 issue:
  • Access to main dashboard interface
  • Ability to create end-user triggered, production transactions through the API
  • Ability to run ID verification and sanctions screening to on-board customers
  • Performing actions on alerts and cases
  • Filing SARs
Please submit a P0 ticket by using the word "outage".
P1 High The customer experiences a sustained loss of important service functionality of unreliable behavior from the system.

Loss of function from these important features constitute a P1 issue:
  • Production transaction monitoring rules not operating as defined
  • ID verification and sanctions screening not operating as defined
  • Alert/case pages on the dashboard taking more than 45 seconds to load
  • Entity/event pages on the dashboard taking more than 45 seconds to load
  • Production file exports stuck in 'pending' for more than 6 hours
  • Data inserted into the system via API taking more than 60 minutes to be visible on the dashboard
Please submit a P1 ticket by using the word "urgent".
P2 Medium Important features of the Unit21 SaaS are deteriorated and an alternative solution is available, or non-essential features of the Unit21 SaaS are unavailable and no workaround or alternative solution is available.

The impact to the customer, regardless of usage of the Unit21 SaaS, is moderate to minimal in terms of loss of operational functionality or implementation resources.
P3 Low Functionality errors, where the customer internal backup tool or workaround is available, system latency is mildly impacted.

Problem Response and Resolution Time. Unit21 will respond to problems in accordance with the following criteria, on a case by case basis:

Priority on Ticket


Initial Response Time

Status Updates

Target Resolution

Root Cause Analysis



0.5 hours

12 hours

ASAP to 24 hours




12 hours

24 hours

72 hours




24 hours

48 hours

96 hours




48 hours

96 hours

1 week


(ii) Non-production environments

For all support questions and problems relating to Unit21 non-production environments (i.e. Sandbox environments), Unit21 will make reasonable efforts to respond promptly to all support tickets in any event within two (2) business days after receipt. Policy summarized sections 1(d) & 1(e) are not applicable to non-product environments. ”Business Day” means Monday through Friday, based on the time zone of Unit21’s primary place of business in San Francisco.

2. Service Availability

a. Scheduled Maintenance. Unit21 will keep the customer informed of any scheduled maintenance (“Scheduled Maintenance”), provided that downtime from Scheduled Maintenance shall not exceed eight (8) hours per calendar month and shall be planned to occur during off-peak times whenever practical. If the Scheduled Maintenance event has the capacity to cause Critical severity problems, Unit21 will notify the customer in writing at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the occurrence of Scheduled Maintenance.

b. Availability. Unit21 will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services available 99.9% of the time as measured on a monthly basis, excluding downtime for Scheduled Maintenance.

3. Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Unit21 will implement and maintain commercially reasonable procedures designed to promote the continuity of Services operations and to facilitate the prompt recovery of the Services in the event of a disaster or other failure, including an appropriate disaster recovery plan, emergency mode operation plan, and regular system and data backups.

Further elaboration is provided in the Unit21 Incident Response Plan.

4. Service Levels & Service Credits

Service Level commitments apply only to production environments. No Service Credit commitments apply to production and non-production environments.


Support & Service Level Subject to Change.