Create an instrument

Creates a new instrument, sending instrument data in the request body.

Recommended values for instrument_type include: account, crypto_address, digital_wallet, credit_card, debit_card, gift_card, voucher, check.

If the /instruments/create API is called for an instrument that already exists in our system (i.e. has an existing instrument_id, it is treated it as an upsert and an update on the existing instrument is performed. The response to the request will then contain the entry previously_existed: true.

Unit21 selectively ignores upserts if the request is identical to a previous request. The response to any ignored upsert will contain the field ignored: true.

Updates to an instrument's instrument_id are not allowed.

Follow the links for more information:

The response will consist of the following fields:

instrument_idStringUnique identifier of the instrument on your platform
unit21_idStringInternal ID of the entity within Unit21's system
previously_existedBooleanIf entity (with the same instrument_id) already exists
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