Customer Risk Ratings | Rule Risk Category and Self-Serve Validation


This feature is behind a feature flag and turned on for our beta customers only

[Release 02.19.2024]

What did we release?

With this release, we introduced two new features to CRR.

  1. Rule Risk Category - to cover transactional risk, event risk, and many more with Unit21's flexible rules engine. You can now add many ‘Rule risk’ categories to represent ACH, Wire, Cash, Check, and many more types of risk. Any entities that have been flagged by the specified rules will be given the selected risk score. This works with both live models and shadow models.
  2. Self-serve Validation - you can now validate your risk models in Unit21 and see results.

What is the purpose of this release?

The purpose of this release is to continue the development of our Customer Risk Ratings capabilities.

By offering more flexible risk categorization and enabling direct validation of risk models, we aim to empower our users to manage customer risk more effectively.

What does this release look like?